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Version history

LimeWire Plus 2.0: June 30th 2011 [based on LimeWire Pirate Edition]

  • Upgraded to version of the original LimeWire Pirate Edition source code. This yields the following improvements:
    • Fixes the main connection problem.
    • Added social media pages and tell a friend option to follow and tell friends about Limewire Plus.
    • For a complete listing, view the original LimeWire changelog.
  • Added dutch translations for several terms
  • Updated the installation wizard to give a better impression of the benefits of using the LimeWire Plus toolbar

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LimeWire Plus 1.8: August 6th 2008 [based on LimeWire 4.18.3]

  • Upgraded to version 4.18.3 of the original LimeWire source code. This yields the following improvements:
    • Fixes various connection issues.
    • Fixed bugs in the menu system.
    • Add support for alternate location lookup for BitTorrents to increase the number of possible sharing peers.
    • Added support for partial search results to increase availability of rare files.
    • For a complete listing, view the original LimeWire changelog.
  • Added dutch translations for several terms
  • Updated the installation wizard to give a better impression of the benefits of using the LimeWire Plus toolbar
  • Included the latest version of the LimeWire Plus toolbar

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LimeWire Plus 1.7: January 3rd 2008 [based on LimeWire 4.15.2]

  • Upgraded to version 4.15.2 of the original LimeWire source code. This yields the following improvements:
    • Numerous fixes for Windows Vista users.
    • Built-in webbrowser.
    • Better control over which file types are being shared.
    • For a complete listing, view the original LimeWire changelog.
  • Changed almost all the skin icons – the skin is now built out of open domain imagery.
  • Changed YouTube integration so that the video is opened in a frame within the application, rather than in an external browser window.
  • Added an Internet Explorer and a FireFox version of the LimeWire Plus toolbar, that can be installed at wish. This toolbar contains useful features such as a built-in update notification when a new version of LimeWire Plus is released, a web-radio player, an integrated search box to query for torrent and other files, and more.
  • Fixed some bugs regarding the YouTube intergration – Limewire Plus 1.7.1: January 11th [based on LimeWire 4.15.2] (no official new release).

LimeWire Plus 1.6: October 30th 2007 [based on LimeWire 4.14.8]

  • Added functionality to the Installer to automatically clean up old LimeWire Plus settings, if requested. This should resolve a lot of installation issues.
  • Updated result view for iTunes: the track title now includes the artist.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the extra media types (Kelkoo, iTunes and YouTube) to be inaccessable during the first execution of the program.
  • Changed the order of the extra media types. The list of “Include these types:” in the “Search All” box is now in the same order as the list of different search media types.

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LimeWire Plus 1.5: October 16th 2007 [based on LimeWire 4.14.8]

  • Added iTunes integration to LimeWire Plus. You can now search for items such as podcasts, audio tracks, videoclips and short films from within the LimeWire Plus interface. Clicking on an iTunes search result will open the iTunes store on the appropriate page. This feature requires a local installation of iTunes to work correctly.
  • Added support to restrict the sources that are included when you search in “All Types”. By using checkboxes, you can specify whether or not you want to include search results from Kelkoo, YouTube and iTunes.
  • Updated the Dutch translation file with several newly translated terms.
  • Updated the LimeWire Plus icon: it now properly supports transparancy.
  • Updated the license file to acknowledge the use of the Apple logo and the JSON JavaScript Object Notation parsing library.
  • Removed one ad from the bottom view, and moved the remaining ad at the bottom into the left search bar. This prevents it from being reloaded with every search.
  • Changed the help links in the program to use a different redirection service.

LimeWire-Plus 1.4: September 24th 2007 [based on LimeWire 4.14.8]

  • Updated the underlying version of LimeWire to 4.14.8, which includes numerous bugfixes, support for Windows Vista and a built-in BitTorrent client.
  • Added dutch translations for some untranslated terms.
  • Added two panels at the bottom of the search screen, through which the user will be informed of product updates and interesting offers.
  • Added new logo’s and icons for this new release of LimeWire Plus.
  • Fixed a bug in the Kelkoo integration that caused links to malfunction when they consisted of more than 256 characters.
  • Updated the list of default UDP Host-Caches to improve the number of peers that are found.
  • Overrode the default LimeWire update behaviour to prevent LimeWire Plus from being overwritten by a version of the original LimeWire with a higher build number.
  • Localized the links in the Help menu; the links in the Dutch language-setting now point to easy to read and informative pages on the dutch LimeWire.nl domain.

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LimeWire-Plus Version History LimeWire Plus 1.3: March 8th 2007 [based on LimeWire 4.12.6]

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of YouTube results that would inadvertently mark some results as originating from a local network, and thereby giving them extra priority.
  • Sorting by price now works as expected for Kelkoo search results.
  • Included the BrowserPage.dll native windows library to allow Internet Explorer panels to be shown in the application.
  • Updated the “Getting started” panel to dynamically load (ad) content from a webpage URL.

LimeWire-Plus 1.2: Februari 1st 2007 [based on LimeWire 4.12.6]

  • LimeWire Plus now uses its own folder to store its settings; settings are no longer shared with the plain version of LimeWire
  • Connection parameters have been optimized to allow turbo-charged connection speeds and optimize search efficiency
  • Ads referring to the Pro version of Limewire have been removed
  • LimeWire Plus now has its own version number, which is shown in the title bar and on the “About LimeWire Plus” dialog window
  • The order of the main tabs has changed; “Media library” now follows the “Search” tab
  • Integrated the results of Kelkoo product search into LimeWire Plus: users can query Kelkoo product information using a new media type tab. Double clicking an item of this type opens a browser window containing reseller information.
  • The logo in the upper right corner of the search screen was updated to reflect the fact that the program is LimeWire Plus
  • Clicking the new logo in the upper right corner of the screen now links to the LimeWire.nl website
  • Updated the behaviour of result tables for different media types. When searching for one specific media type, all information columns relevant to that media type will be shown. When searching for all media types, user preferences will be used to determine which columns to activate.

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LimeWire-Plus 1.1: Januari 3rd 2007 [based on LimeWire 4.12.6]

  • Fixed the LimeWire Plus splash screen – it was not showing in the previous release
  • The default settings for auto-update were changed from “All updates – including beta releases” to “Major updates”
  • YouTube results are now included when searching for all media types
  • The license file was updated with extra information regarding user privacy

LimeWire-Plus 1.0: December 19th 2006 [based on LimeWire 4.12.6]

  • Added YouTube searching capabilities; an extra media type “YouTube” has been added, which searches the YouTube network. YouTube results are shown in a browser window rather than downloaded. YouTube results are not included when searching for “all media types”.
  • Created Nullsoft installer.
  • Added LimeWire Plus splash screen
  • Initial version of the License file, containing a copy of the GNU General License and LimeWire (Plus) specific information.
  • Moved the “LimeWire Plus” link to the “Help” menu
  • Added an extra menu item to the “Help” menu with information regarding the nature of LimeWire Plus
  • Changed several default configuration settings (enabled adult filters, activated the Log and Connections tabs by default)

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